Kendell Geers

HOPE, Courtesy : Kendell Geers / Stephen Friedman gallery / Galerie Rodolphe Janssen

It is in the language of the society of the spectacle, a neon sign, the most banal form of advertising.

it is a cross – X marks the spot – democracy, crossroads, catholic, X rated

it is a four letter word (the title is HOPE IS A FOUR LETTER WORD) –
in english that means a swear word or a profanity – the mist vulgar words in english are almost always four letters and the most famous F _ _ K is referred to as THE FOUR LETTER WORD

Hope is exactly what is missing from the Institution of Art today,
polluted instead by irony, pastiche, disrespect, bad technique, bad ideas, posturing, posing, networking, everything except hope

Hope is missing from the world today as governments and politicians
surrender to the inevitable, giving up hope and resigning into despair, compromise, surrender because its too complex and too

Hope is a faith that is not limited to any religion, but a pagan spirit that respects nature and the place of humans, as nature, within nature

Hope is a Sigil – a magical sign, a pact with the world of spirit,
something that cannot be touched but which is felt in our non verbal primal being

Hope is a four letter word, a vulgar neon sign to be placed on an ugly concrete wall, to light up the horizon with something we have forgotten – that is the role of the artist today

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